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Paramount to the insurance purchasing decision is our commitment to deliver prompt, skillful and knowledgeable claims service that meets our client`s unique needs, whenever and wherever a loss occurs or when the policy holder experience a covered loss, BIL don`t try to hide behind policy language, rather BIL investigate and settle the claim fairly. So insure with BIL to be sure.

Claim should be intimated to BIL office within 15 days from the date of accident, failing to intimate the insurance claim within the given time limit, BIL will not accept the claim intimation.

Following are the Documents generally required for processing the claims:

1. Motor claim:

A. Own Damage

B. Third Party Damage

D. Property Damage

E. Death/injury

2. Fire claim:

3. Marine claim:

4. Stock claim:

5. Loan Protection claim:

6. Miscellaneous Insurance claims:

A. Burglary Insurance claim:

B. Cash In Safe / Money in Transit claim:

D. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance claim:

E. Personal Accident & Group Personal Accident Insurance claim:

F. Engineering Insurance claim are: